Symptoms of Pregnancy – How to Recognize These Signs

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Pregnancy brings a whole new set of issues and complications into the picture. This is the case especially if you are a first-time mother. While pregnancy symptoms are very similar to normal pregnancy, some other ones are a bit more alarming and indicate something else. Here’s a list of some signs that could mean you are pregnant:

The usual sign of pregnancy is a missed period. It is not always a sure sign. Some women may find that their periods do not even start or have not yet missed one. حوامل

Another common symptom of pregnancy is swollen breasts. This is usually the first sign that you will notice because it is often very noticeable. However, some women see that they have a more swollen breast during the first trimester than others.

Another prominent symptom of pregnancy is hair loss. Women experience a few different types of this, and most of them are temporary. Women who are pregnant often notice thinning hair in the morning, which will go on until their baby is born. The hair loss may be just due to hormonal changes. Nevertheless, it is good to talk to your doctor to prescribe the right hair loss treatment.

Pregnant women sometimes also notice that they become susceptible to touch and may want to avoid contact with others when they are pregnant. This is because touch tends to cause stress to the body and maybe bad for the growing fetus. It is recommended that women avoid physical contact during pregnancy and that they only use cotton undergarments.

Sometimes, women also experience nausea or vomiting related to pregnancy and may occur before or after having a baby. This is because the fetus is pushing out of the uterus, causing the stomach to feel sour or to be full of acid. If you are suffering from this, your doctor may recommend that you stay at home during your pregnancy so he can monitor your progress.