How to Play Strip Poker – Using Your Clothes As Cards


Learning how to play strip poker is similar to learning how to play any other card game. However, there are a few differences. Most importantly, you’re not always dealing with other people. Also, there is a specific element of unreality that adds a unique flavor to strip poker.

Strip poker is a game played in a public pot, sometimes called a kitty pot. Researching and writing about poker’s history helped uncover many interesting facts about this great game; many things would have never been learned otherwise. For instance, the idea of betting with your clothes on instead of using money or chips has probably been around for about the entire history of poker. poker online The earliest known reference to this method of wagering is in a now-lost world fair. If you look at some early European gambling documents, you may find that players would shake each other’s hands and use their clothes as chips. This method has continued to evolve through time and may well be the most popular way of betting today.

Some people believe that if you’re holding a better hand than your opponents, it’s a good idea to go for the giant pot you can get your hands on. While it is possible to stack the odds in your favor by raising to an amount that will net you the giant pot when folding, it isn’t necessarily a good idea to do this. It’s okay to submit to an amount that will earn you the massive pool, but only after you have covered your most gigantic hand and have a reasonable chance of coming out with more chips than your opponents.

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There is another way to play strip poker, and that is by using clothing as chips. Some players claim that this is too “cheap” even to consider, but some players do it just for fun. You’re looking for someone wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, a golf shirt, etc. You want someone who is relatively average-sized and is topless. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone covering up their clothes while playing.

When you are betting around the table, it’s important to remember to fold your cards. Many players will fold their cards before the flop, especially if they haven’t got a right hand. It’s okay to keep writing if you think you have a good chance of winning on the flop. But, if you have folded all your cards before the flop, then you can’t call or raise. This means that you can’t use any of your chips to buy any additional cards, either.

One way to fold your cards before the flop is called “throwing out the card.” If you have a high card count before the loss, then throwing out the card is the best way to stay in the pot. However, if you don’t, then you can keep it. Most players will fold their cards when they are in the mid-pocket, which means that you can pretty much forget about trying to make a profit with Strip Poker. The main thing here is to make sure that you don’t get anyone to tell other players they have lost!