How to Become a Better Baccarat Dealer


Getting to be a baccarat dealer can be a challenging task. Many different rules are involved, and you may not be aware of all of them. บาคาร่า ออนไลน์ It may seem like the game is quite complex, but it isn’t that complicated once you know a few things.

Ying Yu

A baccarat dealer from Las Vegas was accused of cheating after the Nevada Gaming Control Board investigation revealed that he had been “dumping” tips for a player. According to the report, Yu’s methods included waiting until a player won to pay out more. But when questioned about his actions, Yu denied any wrongdoing. A local TV station reported Yu’s suspicions about cheating, and a casino manager asked the gambling board to review his tips for two days.

Yu was also caught on CCTV footage in the casino where he worked. CCTV footage revealed that he peeked, memorized the cards, and used a secure messaging app to communicate with an accomplice. This allowed him to cheat a patron out of $467,560 in less than a month. Despite his conviction, Yu was released on personal recognizance. Despite being a baccarat dealer, he faces up to two years in jail.

A warrant was issued for Yu’s arrest, but she was not apprehended then. Earlier this year, Metro police pulled over a vehicle Yu owned, citing a pending arrest warrant. Police then arrested Yu at the address on the car’s registration. Yu was released on her recognizance on Wednesday. She will face a court hearing on the fraud charge later this year.
Ying Yu’s baccarat table

The gambling industry is rife with allegations of cheating. In the case of Ying Yu, the Las Vegas dealer, the gaming control board found evidence that the suspect had not collected the losing bets four times and waited until a player won before paying out. The alleged scheme was revealed when the casino’s manager requested a review of Yu’s tips. The investigator, affiliated with the Nevada Gaming Control Board, explained the scheme to the court in June.

The croupier has already been caught red-handed. He was spotted peeping at the cards and memorizing them. He also created another employee and a patron. He took in more than $470,000 in under a month. The guilty plea and 250 hours of community service will keep Yu from committing similar crimes.